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Ashley Priess moves on

International Gymnast Magazine had a short article on why Ashley decided to not compete at Nationals after traveling to Boston to do just that. For me personally I am on the side that says “Crazy. You were two competitions away from completing your dream” side but Ashley gave her reasons in this article and it is her life. She has to do what is best for her.

The one name looked up most at my blog so far is Ashley so I hope she knows how many fans she has out there. I wish her the best at Alabama.
Ashley Priess article

Canada named it’s womens Olympic team a few days ago. Nansy Damianova and Elyse Hopfner-Hibss are the two gymnasts chosen. This is a huge injustice to poor Kristina Vaculik. She has been Canada’s best AA gymnast for many years and it really is pretty sad that she won’t get to go to the Olympics. That being said people need to stop picking on Nansy Damianova and blaming her for Kristina not being on the team. Nansy did her job. She got the points needed to make the team and for that reason she earned her spot. If you want to fight the injustice for Kristina fine but don’t take it out on Nansy.

There is a few fans of Canadian gymnastics out there trying to change the rules after the fact which is ridiculous. I originally signed the petition (before) the team was chosen and I wish I could take my name off the petition. This is becoming a personal vendetta by some bitter fans against Nansy and I don’t want to be part of that.

Germany named there Olympic team. Here is the list.
Oksana Chusovitina, Katja Abel, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Daria Bijak, Anja Brinker and Joeline Möbius.
Alternate will be Kim Bui.

and now one of their gymnast is protesting the results. I would provide an article but they are all in German. The gist is Jim Bui’s side thinks she should have made the team based on the rulesw of their federation.


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