USOC Hall of Fame for 1996 Gold medal Olympic team

Kerri Strug didn’t need to vault for the team to win and she has admitted in the past that she did that second vault to make the AA final. (Dominique Moceanu fell on both vaults and while over scored on all 3 other events she still was in line to make that AA final until the fall) but history gets written so it will sell in the media and that brings us the vault heard round the world.

While appreciative of Kerri’s effort vaulting on an injured ankle (even though the real injury didn’t happen till after the second vault) real gymnastics fans know that with out the effort of the entire team there would be no Hall of Fame for the Magnificent 7 today so Congratulations to the entire team for what they are about to accomplish .

I remember when the voting was going on. The Dubbed Mag 7 were up against the 1992 dream team in basketball from the 92 Olympics and I like most felt they had no shot of being voted in but they were. (seriously though this is a Hall of Fame not a popularity contest so having the fans vote makes very little sense. How does the 1992 Dream team not get voted in?)

Mag seven article



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Olympic Trials for US start in 3 days

Naming them the Olympic Trials is pretty much a liberty when you consider Marta names the team but the USOC says you need a trials so you need a Trials.

Mens competition starts in two days but I can honestly say I am not very interested in them. If you think the US trials is fixed then don’t even bother watching the mens. Miles Avery will take Morgan Hamm even if he doesn’t deserve it and the top two men at Nationals could very well not make the team.

Shawn Johnson is Nominated for a Teen Choice 2008 Awards as favorite female athlete”> Shawn Johnson nominated

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Ashley Priess moves on

International Gymnast Magazine had a short article on why Ashley decided to not compete at Nationals after traveling to Boston to do just that. For me personally I am on the side that says “Crazy. You were two competitions away from completing your dream” side but Ashley gave her reasons in this article and it is her life. She has to do what is best for her.

The one name looked up most at my blog so far is Ashley so I hope she knows how many fans she has out there. I wish her the best at Alabama.
Ashley Priess article

Canada named it’s womens Olympic team a few days ago. Nansy Damianova and Elyse Hopfner-Hibss are the two gymnasts chosen. This is a huge injustice to poor Kristina Vaculik. She has been Canada’s best AA gymnast for many years and it really is pretty sad that she won’t get to go to the Olympics. That being said people need to stop picking on Nansy Damianova and blaming her for Kristina not being on the team. Nansy did her job. She got the points needed to make the team and for that reason she earned her spot. If you want to fight the injustice for Kristina fine but don’t take it out on Nansy.

There is a few fans of Canadian gymnastics out there trying to change the rules after the fact which is ridiculous. I originally signed the petition (before) the team was chosen and I wish I could take my name off the petition. This is becoming a personal vendetta by some bitter fans against Nansy and I don’t want to be part of that.

Germany named there Olympic team. Here is the list.
Oksana Chusovitina, Katja Abel, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Daria Bijak, Anja Brinker and Joeline Möbius.
Alternate will be Kim Bui.

and now one of their gymnast is protesting the results. I would provide an article but they are all in German. The gist is Jim Bui’s side thinks she should have made the team based on the rulesw of their federation.

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Injury takes me out

Sorry for promising an update and never delivering. I was taken out of Nationals by an injury. I hurt my back and have been unable to stand up without holding onto a wall so I missed day 2 of Nationals. In fact I just went back to work today.

I promise to update as soon as I can because I did watch Nationals on TV. I am still pretty upset that I missed it live due to a back injury. Me and Shayla Worley now have something in common and not a good thing.

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Ashley Preiss? Is she in or out

Rumors have her out of Nationals with an injury and not competing at Trials. I know for a fact she is in Boston or was as of a few hours ago.

I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Kristina Vaculik Leads Canadian Nationals and there is a good chance she won’t make the Olympic team. Canada’s points system makes little sense. (You gain points on each event by scoring over a certain score at certain events.) Kristina is the best AA gymnast the Country has had for a few years and because she lacks vaulting ability (the easiest event to score points on) she could be left out of the Olympics.

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Nationals Start Tomorrow

I am back from my vacation. Had a really great time seeing my favorite baseball team play on the road (Go Red Sox) I even got to see some history on this trip (ok it was baseball history but it was still history. 🙂 Congrats on your 500th homerun Manny)

Nationals starts tomorrow at the Agganis Arena in Boston Massachusetts. I will be attending junior and senior events. It will be a long day for me and I will report back after the senior event with what I saw. I’ll try to have some pictures available. I live an hour away from Boston by bus so I won’t have time to come back in between events. Looks like I will be hanging out.

Podium training has been the last few days and a few tidbits have been leaked out by some fans.

Chellsie Memmel has been hitting every routine (minus a fall off beam once) and both she and Nastia have been the only gymnasts competing full routines. Chellsie will compete the 1.5 yurchenko on vault. She is easing back into her DTY (double twisting yurchenko) Alicia Sacramone will not be competing bars (Marta’s decision. ) Ivana Hong hit a few DTY’s and Shawn Johnson was having trouble on beam.

If I find any other news I’ll be back but I am leaving you with the results of the World Cup and Zakharova Cup that happened when I was out of town. Results are from IG Magazine.

2008 Stars of the World
May 30, Moscow

(complete results not yet available)

Women’s Vault
1. Anna Pavlova RUS 14.750
1. Jade Barbosa BRA 14.750
3. Ariella Käslin SUI 14.587

Uneven Bars
1. Ksenia Semyonova RUS 16.075
2. Pang Panpan CHN 15.400
3. Daria Zgoba UKR 15.325

Balance Beam
1. Deng Linlin CHN 15.825
2. Sui Lu CHN 15.400
3. Anna Pavlova RUS 15.350

Women’s Floor Exercise
1. Deng Linlin CHN 14.800
2. Ksenia Afanasyeva RUS 14.775
3. Dasha Joura AUS 14.300

Men’s Floor Exercise
1. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 15.650
2. Diego Hypolito BRA 15.625
3. Jeffrey Wammes NED 15.050

Pommel Horse
1. Daniel Keatings GBR 15.975
2. Louis Smith GBR 15.850
3. Krisztian Berki HUN 15.725

Still Rings
1. Konstantin Pluzhnikov RUS 16.325
2. Alexander Vorobyev UKR 16.275
2. Danny Rodrigues FRA 16.275

Men’s Vault
1. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 16.362
2. Rafael Wignanitz FRA 16.300
3. Anatoly Vasilyev RUS 16.150

Parallel Bars
1. Yann Cucherat FRA 16.225
2. Mitja Petkovsek SLO 15.750
3. Yuri Ryazanov RUS 15.650

High Bar
1. Anatoly Vasilyev RUS 15.700
2. Epke Zonderkand NED 15.250
3. Hamilton Sabot FRA 15.200


2008 Stella Zakharova Cup
May 31-June 1, Kiev

Women’s Team
1. Ukraine 114.300
2. Russia 111.900
3. Belarus 110.400

Women’s All-Around
1. Alyona Zmeu RUS 57.200
2. Marina Kostyuchenko UKR 56.850
3. Angelina Kislaya UKR 56.350
4. Olesya Ischenko UKR 55.250

Women’s Vault
1. Marina Kostyuchenko 14.112
2. Anastasia Zaitseva BLR 13.950
3. Laura Gombas HUN 13.400

Uneven Bars
1. Galina Ivanets BLR 14.325
2. Alyona Zmeu RUS 14.200
3. Marina Kostyuchenko 13.675

Balance Beam
1. Alyona Zmeu RUS 14.650
2. Angelina Kislaya UKR 13.900
2. Olesya Ischenko UKR 13.900

Women’s Floor Exercise
1. Marina Kostyuchenko UKR 14.500
2. Angelina Kislaya UKR 14.450
3. Alyona Zmeu RUS 14.225

Men’s Team
1. Belarus 172.000
2. Spain 170.700
3. Great Britain 169.750

Men’s All-Around
1. Ruslan Panteleymonov GBR 85.950
2. Dmitry Stolyarov RUS 85.750
3. Christian Bazan ESP 85.600

Men’s Floor Exercise
1. Kristian Thomas GBR 15.200
2. Dmitry Girenko 15.025
3. Javier Gomez ESP 14.675

Pommel Horse
1. Dmitry Stolyarov RUS 14.925
2. Daniel Ribeiro USA 14.750
3. Ruslan Panteleymonov GBR 14.475
3. Zoltan Kollai HUN 14.475

Still Rings
1. Dmitry Girenko UKR 15.425
2. Christian Bazan 15.175
3. Attila Racz HUN 14.300
3. Valery Durmanenko UKR 14.300

Men’s Vault
1. Wesley Haagensen USA 15.625
2. Christian Bazan ESP 15.550
3. Ruslan Panteleymonov UKR 15.525

Parallel Bars
1. Christian Bazan ESP 14.725
2. Denis Savenkov BLR 14.525
3. Alexander Safoshkin RUS

High Bar
1. Wesley Haagensen USA 13.925
2. Artyom Lyubanevich UKR 13.800
2. Ruslan Panteleymonov GBR 13.800

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Gymnasts leave for Boston on Monday

I know some of the gymnasts will be leaving for US Nationals this Monday. I will be out of town until Tuesday but hopefully I can dig up some information for you then.

Have a great weekend.

I leave you with Beth Tweddle’s new Uneven Bar routine worth a 7.4  A score. Rumor has it she is going to add a few more tenths to this routine for the Olympics. Just in case you didn’t know Beth has had the best B score (fewest deductions) the last few World Championships.

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