USOC Hall of Fame for 1996 Gold medal Olympic team

Kerri Strug didn’t need to vault for the team to win and she has admitted in the past that she did that second vault to make the AA final. (Dominique Moceanu fell on both vaults and while over scored on all 3 other events she still was in line to make that AA final until the fall) but history gets written so it will sell in the media and that brings us the vault heard round the world.

While appreciative of Kerri’s effort vaulting on an injured ankle (even though the real injury didn’t happen till after the second vault) real gymnastics fans know that with out the effort of the entire team there would be no Hall of Fame for the Magnificent 7 today so Congratulations to the entire team for what they are about to accomplish .

I remember when the voting was going on. The Dubbed Mag 7 were up against the 1992 dream team in basketball from the 92 Olympics and I like most felt they had no shot of being voted in but they were. (seriously though this is a Hall of Fame not a popularity contest so having the fans vote makes very little sense. How does the 1992 Dream team not get voted in?)

Mag seven article



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3 responses to “USOC Hall of Fame for 1996 Gold medal Olympic team

  1. shergymrag

    Well, the whole team got voted in, not just Kerri.

  2. shergymrag

    And I remember just how quickly the story changed from ‘I really wanted to get into the AA’ to ‘I knew I had to help the team’. Ha!

  3. gymnastics08

    I know but the media always tries to make this all about just Kerri.

    Thanks for the comments.

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